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ORGANICA (Organica online)is a certified organic food company with its headquarters in Gurgaon, India. Since our inception over a decade ago the company has earned global repute for its work ethics and manner of operations. The purpose of our venture is to make available, to the world, an array of pure and healthy foods that grow in India. ORGANICA is built on a fair trade policy and mutually beneficial partnerships with an eye on the future.


We started with the belief that people have a right to a healthy, safe and a wholesome life. We believe, in order to have a healthy planet, we must support agricultural practices that are sustainable and work in harmony with Nature. Also, by going the organic route, we support farmers who are the backbone of our providence. With ORGANICA, you can be confident that our ethical practices, in accordance with India Organic (NPOP) standards, extend from cultivation straight through to delivery. We ensure consistency in quality and attention to detail, down to the smallest cut.


We believe in nature being allowed to function as it should and in that lies the goodness of every one of our products. A variety of teas, honeys, pickles and spices sold are 100% non-GMO and free from pesticides. All of the products procured by us are grown in accordance with understanding the mindset of the farmer, geographical location, weather pattern and period of cultivation and harvest. We believe in responsible sourcing and have an unconditional commitment to quality. It is for the rich quality we aspire to, that each ingredient is sourced from its area of origin. We have put together an efficient network of like-minded visionaries who are involved in the day to day functioning of this organization. We, thereby, work towards promoting an ecological balance and supporting a rich bio-diversity in food practices which is the key to a healthy environment.